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The Stool

The stool is a popular form of seating device often found in areas of public gathering. Unlike the more common standard Western chair, the stool has no arm rests or back.

Images of stools

Here is an image of a stool: Image:Stool.jpg

And here is a variant of the bar stool: Image:Barstool.jpg

The part played by stools in humourous incidents involving Redbrick members

The stool is also notable for its part in an incident involving the Redbrick member, werdz. Whilst attending the celebration of a friend's birth, young werdz became interested in a girl across the room. After much deliberation, he managed to gather up enough courage to ask for the girl's phone number. Determined and confident, werdz made his way to the young lady. Unfortunately, he had not counted on the possibility of a piece of furniture ruining his moment and it was very much a surprise to him when he tripped and fell to the floor. As the laughter of the crowd around him echoed in his ears, an ashamed werdz looked about to spy what had caused his downfall. With much shock, he laid eyes upon the culprit - a lowly stool. Embarrassed and stunned, he continued on his quest but upon approaching the young lady he soon realised that his love would not part with the phone number. All was lost.

It is believed that at this point, werdz had consumed almost two pints of Miller. The high level of alcohol consumed had, no doubt, severely damaged his senses and balance, but the role of the stool is not to be overlooked. To this day, werdz and the stool have remained the most bitter of enemies and it is advisable to always be cautious when walking near small pieces of furniture, lest you suffer the same fate as this unfortunate lad.

Health and safety warning: if you value your health, do not refer to stools or stool-like structures around werdz.