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Got something you think Redbrick should have or should do? Put it here!


  • OpenID - make a valid OpenID service
    • Don't quite get what this is all about, looks enterprise web2.0-ey though, let's do it. --Werdz 17:03, 26 Jun 2008 (IST)
  • muWordpress
    • Good idea in theory. Maybe with something that isn't wordpress (smouldering crater in the ground, security-wise) though?
  • Optional Google Apps for domain
  • Subversion, http/https
    • Excellent idea. Maybe git too while we're at it. And/or bazaar.. --Werdz 17:03, 26 Jun 2008 (IST)
  • bebo/facebook bridge
  • mono/mod_mono
  • Proper bleedin boards, phpbb or somefink
    • I'm working on a nice set of boards, anyone who feels like helping (it'll require an indexer, a thin layer to connect to the nntp server for posting, and a nice web interface) is welcome though
      • Just separate it all - screw combing the two boards. Get a decent forum up with the usual forums, general, events etc and put up course forums like charlie's for ca - there is nothing that does this at present and people would find this a far easier way to start chatting with people from their courses then figuring their way onto putty and into chat and asking everyone what are they studying.
  • proper suggestion box process also :)
  • VPN - allow people to connect to a graphical redbrick already. Allow people to install like Eclipse and plugins etc.
  • Redbrick Client? A graphical client that connects to IRC, MUD (maybe?), receives rss feeds from website, etc... Would seriously help 1st years who join CA but haven't got a clue about computers apart from how to turn it on and use Internet Explorer (/vomit). Would also be useful for lazy people who don't want to use putty, irc clients, etc.
  • MMORPG - Something a bit more graphical than the MUD at least, easily done in 2D. (I have premade MMO code done in Java, uses OpenGL(2D, not 3D) and Apache/Mina for server stuff).