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Despite his infinite protestations, the rack bestowed upon us by CSD was named after Doc (sort of; it sounded liek it was after a while, and so it was). If he starts kicking you in the shins, you could call it the Duolith, or the Bogolith, or the CSD Memorial rack, or the James Healey rack, or the Spinal/X Rack, or the One-Free-With-Every-Free-Switch rack.

The story of the *glances around* Docolith begins with Redbrick getting a grant to buy a rack, and never *quite* getting around to it. Although we were trying; honest we were. And then X, in one of his conversations with James Healy of CSD, happened to mention we were looking for a switch and rack, and that our suppliers kept getting bought by other companies, and no longer existing. So James Healey said "Well, here, take these", and we did.

And so CSD incurred our eternal graditude and love.

And that is the story of the Docolith. *gets kicked in shins* And that is the story of the James Healy/X Rack.

--Pixies Origionally from the Encyclopedia

This was retired in favour of a nice shiny Dell rack that (I belive) HEAnet gave us, at some point during the 06/07 academic year. It's currently in the equipment room, while we wait to get rid of it/find someone who has a use for it. --lil_cain