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This group of friends have god-like status on Redbrick, sure didn't they create the whole society! The founders have life-time membership of the society, according the the constitution (surely there's an SPC rule against that ; ) ) and have their own group (the same way committee, members, clubs and socs have their own) on the main Redbrick machines.

These people retain an amount of influence on the current committee at any time; committee members can make their argument more persuasive by quoting a founder who agreed with such and such a policy.

It would be suprising to find a fresher who would recognise more than one of these people, I reckon there's only one of these left in DCU.

The founding committee is listed below.

* Chairperson: Sean Cullen
* Secretary: Dermot Hanley
* Treasurer: Paraic O'Ceallaigh
* Public Relations Officer: Michael McHugh
* Systems Administrator: Fergus Donohue
* Systems Administrator: David Murphy

There is a brief history of the DCUNS at Redbrick:About1

--Singer vvvvv

Fergus is still around in CSD. Sandman logs in reguarly enough as well.


Originally from the Encyclopedia