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A MUD(Or Multi-user Dungeon) is an online game, where players strive to gain levels with their character, obtain gold, experience, items, and generally have a good time with other so-inclined members. It's roughly based on Dungeons & Dragons, and is a staple of the Redbrick diat of a lot of members new and old.

The MUD is in its second incarnation, the first being lovingly nurtured, broken, and abandoned by Silk, Toaster, Fish, Shadow, and numerous other Gods, myself included. It died in late 1998.

The MUD has enjoyed something of a revival in the 2001-2002 academic year, being resurrected by the ever MUD-savvy Humbug, and the Occasionally-interested Wishkah. Coding, and general breaking of the MUD is provided by DoC.

Some very non-gamery people play the MUD, which is a good thing. It has become something of a replacement for Itchy NUTS at times, with up to 12 players online at a time, happily slashing away at some monster or other.

The MUD doesn't have a webpage. It's a MUD. Play it. If you need to learn how to play, there are wbepages everywhere on being a mud newbie. Or, go online and ask someone for help. Everyone's nice and helpful, really.

You can access the MUD from Redbrick by typing tf mud 4000

--Emperor (thanks to DoC for the info)

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