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The minizine has been, for two years in DCUNS history, a reasonably succesful way of getting Freshers to not just join DCUNS, but use our systems. The zine was largely the idea of Orly, who had an intrest in the old PRO/ENTS job, and Cain and Celery took it under their wings when elected in 98-99 - The first zine was pretty much a nice overview of howto use the various services provided by the excellent DCU networking soc., i.e. news, chat, email, hey etc.

The following years Zine was a lot better - content was improved no end (aside from the newsgroups article which survived from last year, written by yours truely (Hey! I was young back then, and needed the money!) ), though a bit pithy, which seemed to have been a good idea.

These days, however, DCUNS have resorted to using a well designed A4 sheet which has each user's username and password printed on the sheet, with plenty of links to Redbrick resources on the web.

--Singer, Augest 2001

Originally from the Encyclopedia