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April 3rd, 2008 - AGM results

Robby O'Reilly (robby) was elected with 16 votes. Kat Farrell
(angelkat) received 14 votes.

June 9th, 2008

Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2008 00:11:39 +0100
From: Andrew Harford <>
Subject: [Announce-RedBrick] RedBrick Back Online, Chairperson Resigns


We are pleased to announce that RedBrick is back online following a disk
failure in our primary storage array (minerva) on Tuesday evening. No data
was lost, and the array was re-built sucessfully with a replacement disk.

We are planning to schedule downtime this Saturday to that will allow us
to reduce the number of disks in use on minerva, meaning there would be
spare disks available and installed in the event of future failures.

This work is dependant on re-installing severus, and creating a full backup
of minerva in advance. More detailed notice will be given via boards/motd
later in the week.

I must also take this opportunity to announce the resignation of our
chairperson, robby, and explain the circumtances leading up to this.

On Friday May 16th robby told the committee over irc that he had received
an email containing the root password that had been in use on minerva & murphy
when RedBrick was hacked.

Robby provided this password, but told us that he had deleted the email, which
was received from Myself and the other admins found it
odd that someone would go to the relative trouble of sending mail via
this service, and that robby would delete this potential evidence.

The following Monday I emailed the committee, requesting that we hold an
emergency meeting to dicuss this email. Robby replied, saying he would
be unavailable for any meetings that week. Given that the semester was ending
and people would be gone home by the next week it was decided to hold the
meeting anyway, on the Thursday evening. This was the first meeting called
by anyone since before the network had been compromised.

At this meeting the committee decided that in robby's absence the only
course of action was to discuss the issue further over the email.

Late that night, cian, johan, werdz and I met robby in Fibbers. Cian, Johan and
I expressed our discontent with the situation by telling robby he should resign.
Whatever the circumstances, it was pretty unprofessional of us to have a go
in public like that, and we apologise for our actions.

The following afternoon dano mailed the committee outlining our conversation
about the email, and asking robby for more information. Robby replied to this
email with his resignation, citing the events of the previous night as his
primary reason.

An EGM will be held at the earliest oppertunity next semester to elect a new
chairperson, however the committee have not decided how best to fill this
position in the interim, and will be happy to take on board any suggestions
from members.

All the best,

Andrew Harford
System Administrator, DCU Networking Society
Ordinary Member, Societies & Publications Committee

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