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NOTOC Lightning ~


Type: Dell Poweredge 830 Tower
OS: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz
RAM: 2Gb
Disks: PCI RAID Controller
4x500Gb SATA disks
Drives: IDE CD-ROM Reader
Iomega Zip 250
SCSI Tape Drive (not currently connected)
Network: 1x Onboard Gigabit Ethernet
1x PCI Ethernet Card
Description -----------

thumb|rightPurchased in 2008 from, with the intention of using it as a second desktop machine.

With the prospect of severus moving to CSD it was suggested that we should have a second backup server locally. Thunder was chosen for this because it had a decent hardware raid card, and there was no budget to buy a new server.


  • Backups.