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Category: Redbrick History











  • 1st Last Day of Clubs and Socs Sign-Ups
  • 2nd Faust is the first user of Gen20 to sign into IRC.
  • Freshers Ball
  • 3rd Redbrick Goes To Google:
  • 7th HangoutOnAir@Redbrick
  • 8th Google@DCU
  • Intro To Redbrick:
  • 14th Elephant@Redbrick
  • Helpdesk Exam
  • 16th Intercom@Redbrick:
  • 20th Screen@Redbrick "Hackers":
  • Webmaster Exam
  • 21st attol@Redbrick:
  • 22nd EGM
  • Admin Training:
  • 28th pooka@Redbrick:
  • 29th HowTo@Redbrick:
  • 30th HalloweenBall@Redbrick:
  • details to be filled in, please shout at zergless for that. - kylar


  • 3rd Screen@Redbrick: DEFCON talks, how to weaponize your pets and pwned by the owner
  • 4th phaxx@Redbrick: Charlie Von Metzradt gives an awesome talk about server monitoring, his experiences in founding a startup and general tales of woe.
  • 5th AdminTraining@Redbrick: Intro to VMs , setting up ubuntu etc
  • 10th Screen@Redbrick: WarGames - film
  • 12th* FOSDEM Meeting: Redbrick hold a mandatory meeting of all those interested in going to FOSDEM.
  • HowTo@Redbrick: Voy gives and introduction to modern web design talk, attended by approximately 1 billion member. Twas kcik
  • 17th Screen@Redbrick: DEFCON talks, Hacking Driverless vehicles
  • 18th Elephant@Redbrick : He's back with his talk entitled "The NSA knows what you did last summer (and why they don't care (but you still should))"
  • Helpdesk Exam
  • 19th AdminTraining@Redbrick: VM's Part 2, securing your VM and getting comfortable in Linux.
  • 20th HEAnet@Redbrick: Brain Nisbet from HEAnet came in to talk to us about network monitoring and infrastucture.
  • details to be filled in, please shout at zergless for that. - kylar