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Category: Redbrick History


  • 30th - Redbrick goes to FOSDEM. People get drunk and sleep during the talks





  • 8th Hoodies are supposed to be here. The topic starts.
  • 13th Topic reaches max hoodie. "Happy birthday dever | Drinks in early June! | Are the hoodies here yet? Where are the hoodies??? DON'T HOOD OUT ON ME MAN!!!!! | Filmsoc now showing in LG1123: Oh Hoodie, Where Art Thou? | Thanks for ruining hoodie day guys | RESIGN | hooders gonna hood | Vote on May 22nd"


  • 18th 40 days after hoodies are originally meant to arrive (and three days after they're next meant to arrive), hoodies finally arrive - But only the black ones.
  • 25th A picture of the grey hoodies has surfaced, but they still haven't arrived.





  • 7th - A redbrick member known as thegirl started her war on devoxel after he said too much on IRC.(tbh no one really remembers why it wasnt anything good anyway)
  • 13th - Eventually, thegirl and devoxel resolved their differences after devoxel agreed to publicly let thegirl plaster makeup all over his face. (or so devoxel thinks - thegirl)


  • 14th - Redbrick held an EGM and elected many important positions.
  • The new members are as follows:

Secretary: cac
Public Relations Officer: induxi0n
Events Organiser: thegirl
First Yr. Rep: ginger

  • 31st - Redbrick organise talk. Halloween drinks are added for after. Talk is cancelled. Drinks are still a go. Somehow the Slipper was not booked *cough* "Zach from The Slipper" *cough*. Night ends with some committee in nubar, cac spills beer all over everyone and ten seconds later thegirl spills whiskey.


  • 11th: Space gave his first redbrick talk!! And WAS NOT LATE!! butlerx almost lost 100 euro betting that Space would be late, Space was 4 minutes early!