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Type: Digital Alpha 2000A
OS: Debian
CPU: 2 x SuperSPARC 75MHz
RAM: 160MB
Storage: Onboard SCSI controller
Disks: 2 x 1GB SCSI disk
Drives: Internal SCSI CDROM
Network: le0 (onboard)
le1 (expansion) \[currently unused\]
Extras: Sun 256 colour graphics card \[currently unused\]
The Name: The name Tolka was chosen after the River Tolka which runs close to DCU.
Description -----------

thumb|rightTolka was initally owned by CSD (DCU's Computer Server Department). It was the student login server till it got replaced with Camac. Whenever the Redbrick login server went down, there would be a rush of logins on tolka :-) CSD then kindly donated Tolka to RedBrick on 11/02/2003. On Monday 23rd October 2006 Tolka was removed from the server room, to make room for new hardware. It has since been donated to User:lil_cain who has yet to reveal his diabolical plans for such a device.


None at present.