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  • Could form a single part of "Redbrick Education" service (which could include: admin/helpdesk training, library etc.)\
  • Existing certified brickies could help deliver courses to undergrads, for pay/discounts\
  • Material & experiences could go up here
  • Linux: Novell CLP, Novell CLE, RedHat RHCP, RedHat RHCE, LPI (LPIC-1, -2, -3), Ubuntu UCP (LPI-based)\
  • Cisco: CCNA, CCDA\
  • Juniper: JNCIA\
  • Microsoft
    Current certification holders on Redbrick:\
  • kpodesta: Novell CLP, LPIC-1\
  • homerj: CCNA, CCNP, CCIE (written exam only), JNCIA