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The transcript of how twiggy both admitted to having porn and yet not knowing she did.. oh the lies..

08:41 Zyox: !grouphug

08:41 Googlebot: i look at porn while my roomate sleeps just feet away

08:42 Zyox: dregin did that all the time

08:42 goldfish^: Nice.

08:42 twiggy: lol

08:42 Zyox: Niccccccccccce.

08:43 twiggy: maybe that's how he found porn on my computer

08:43 goldfish^: Okay.

08:43 goldfish^: Who the fuck is this impersonater.

08:43 twiggy: what the fuck? seriously you can ask him. he found some random porn site in my history that i didnt recognise

08:44 twiggy: well. i wouldnt recognise many porn sites if any but it was one i had definitely not seen before sitting in my history

08:45 twiggy: i wish you would believe me, goldy :( </3

08:45 goldfish^: why were you looking at porn??????

08:45 twiggy: i wasnt! thats the whole fucking thing

08:46 goldfish^: omg.

08:46 twiggy: i immediately ran all my virus checks of course :P

08:46 twiggy: and it was dregin who found the site in my history not me

08:47 twiggy: and besides....are girls not allowed to look at porn if we would want to?

08:47 goldfish^: No.

It later turned out twiggy was a big fan of 'doctorporn'.