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Redbrick term of abuse for people heavily involved in the SU. Not necessarily Exec members or even Class Reps but the type who attend Council meetings and in much the same way as a Brickie's life revolves about the Society, theirs, both social and political, about the Union. Many of them have traditionally been DBES members and Business students. Union Hacks have acquired a reputation for being pretentious over-bearing cocky full of shite wankers who only work for the SU out of a sad power trip or to look good on their CV. Sadly, for the most part, this is true.

That is not to say there are not some good Union Hacks. Even Silk, hater of all things SU, will admit that certain past Exec members (Hugh Larkin comes to mind) have worked hard and most Executives have a couple of hard workers but sadly the most common Union Hack is the hated self-serving tosser spied at Jets every Thursday.


Originally from the Encyclopedia