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Idea (and the actual photos) stolen directly and blatently from magluby (who claimed to have stolen it from bubble), but I thought it'd be cool to wiki this anyway.
Receive 04:27, 28 Feb 2007 (UTC) Category:Community

The Photos

The Guys
The Girls

Adding & Updating Photos

Please add/update yourself, but upload the image and use the following syntax:\

<nowiki>[[/Image:mypic.jpg|100px]] [User:myname|myname]</nowiki>

How the hell I made this

Well, for anyone who is curious

public class Photos{
public static void main(String [] args){
String temp = " ";
String stIn = Console.readToken();
System.out.println("==" + stIn.charAt(0) + "==");
System.out.println("" + stIn +".jpg"`` ``+`` ``stIn`` ``+`` ``"");

not exactly my best work ;)