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The DCUNS webgroup was a cunning scheme devised by myself, Singer, during my stint as webmaster of DCUNS. Some might see it as a dynamic, proactive attempt to embrace the diversity of our memberships talents and channeling them creatively back to our members, while others might see it as an attempt by myself to not bother with updating the webpages. Neither are true.

The webgroup was formed out of discussion between myself and DoC - DoC was busy beavering away writing all sorts of useful CGI counters and other such utilies for member use, and the idea of an official platform for the web services that could be provided by DCUNS outside of the help given by our esteemed helpdesk was a good one. Kpodesta soon came online, after dazzling DoC with his VRML talents, soon after Bubble was invited to be a member due to his excellently useful homepage and helpdesk CGIs, and we had a cute team of somebody who liked breaking Apache, somebody who had too much time on his hands to mess with PERL, somebody who was good at graphics and design, and we a CGI utility obsessive. Over the summer of 1999, the webgroup set to work on a redesign of the Redbrick webpages - Kpodesta dazzled with his graphics skills and DoC and Bubble worked on a Slashdot-esque backend, while all discussed where things should be going and generally did housekeeping. At the turning on of Enigma, the new pages were unveiled, and plans are currently underway (August 2000) developing new pages.

The current members are Singer, DoC, Kpodesta, Bubble, Slack and Colmmacc.

The idea of segmenting and delegating responsability the activities of DCUNS into sub-groups away from the committee has been tried before, to varying results, but the webgroup works.

Along with maintaining the Redbrick webpages, the webgroup also maintain their webpage and resources at


Unfortunately, even a great encyclopedia can fall behind the times, but then that's where updates come in, so by way of an update, the current members of webgroup are now Colmmacc, Kpodesta, Slack, P and myself.


The times they come and go, and Barballs came, Slack and Kpodesta went, and our merry bunch of men is down to a quartet.


The future ushers in brighter prospects, and into history I walk as a former member of webgroup. Although it has nothing to do with the workload, my place has been taken by not one, not two but three most helpful volunteers: Atlas, Keloe and Thor.


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