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Redbrick's new website is incomplete. If you find any broken stuff, please add it to the list and sign what you have added.!


  • Fix up the wiki - Here is some stuff that's wrong with the wiki:
    • The wiki can be incredibly slow to load at times.
    • There are some bugs, for example - sometimes every single link is underlined, sometimes not.
    • The old committee meeting minutes have all disappeared - Minutes.
  • The main website can be very slow to load.
  • The "bed was shat" error message should be removed - it's a tad vulgar and presumably an inside joke from development (that no-one else gets).
  • Various pages from the old website are still missing (eg - Standing Orders). You can see them here - 1. This should be on the new site very soon -tziegler
  • The site has no link to This is mostly archival stuff as people are unlikely to use it over other gallery services, but it has lots of content and should be linked somewhere. It was left off mainly because it's archival but I agree it should be linked somewhere -tziegler
  • Gallery also needs to be fixed/updated as the login page is broken - 2
  • The web boards currently don't remember logins, even if you tick the box. -this is a problem with the LDAP integration. I think the option to stay logged in should be removed until this is fixed -tziegler


  • The site could be made more accessible for mobile users.
  • Skinning - forum and wiki could both be skinned to match the main site.
  • Add scrolling (and filtered) lobby quotes to the homepage. These can also act as a link to webchat.


When you complete an item, please move it here, and add your name!

  • Receive's name is now spelt correctly.
  • Encyclopedia moved to the wiki - receive
  • Helpdesk tutorials moved to the wiki - undone, drag0n
  • should be wikied. It'll be updated far more frequently if it is. art_wolf
  • doesnt work art_wolf
  • "Dublin City University Networking Society" is in tiny writing, floating in space & consumed by those large shortcut buttons. The grey text doesn't make it anymore visible either! art_wolf
  • /images/blank.gif is missing, ie6 has a nice red 'x' planted over the RB logo werdz
  • A link to art_wolf
  • should be removed, its revealing system and user information art_wolf
  • The Boards button on the homepage should be changed to something that works while that system is being developed art_wolf
  • Roundcube image does not display fully on webmail front page art_wolf
  • Include wiki in the drop down list of things to search art_wolf
  • Change main picture, it's still advertising the 10th birthday art_wolf
  • Move the icons for the pubcookie page back into /images art_wolf
  • Move /chat from the old site to the new one. Claimed by: phaxx
  • Pubcookie enable chat. (mostly done already, related to above item) Claimed by: phaxx
  • Atm, KPMG logo is approx 24k (640width) image, though shrunk in the tag. For efficiency it should/can be reduced to a <2k gif at the size it is to be displayed at (140px). -- werdz
  • The font-family bits in the CSS file should have a generic family defined (i.e. "font-family:Tahoma,sans-serif" instead of "font-family:Tahoma") (the site looks odd under ubuntu because Tahoma isn't installed by default so everything shows up in a serif-type font). I'd do it myself but the file belongs to root.. werdz (thanks phaxx for fixing the permissions)
  • Not all pages pass html validation chat stats - werdz
  • The wiki should be a vhost - instead of ryaner

Possibly Obsolete

Moving these here because they look obsolete. They may already be done or have become irrelevant with new versions of the site. Webgroup can delete or restore them to the main list.

Dev Site

stuff that we'd like

  • it'd be nice if we could get webchat and boards up, and have them properly integrated into the main site so that you'd have a link to both in the menu, and they'd be properly skinned
  • A redbrick skinned jabber client, with a redbrick button would be nice as well, possibly with hey rewritten to integrate it into jabber
  • A better webmail client.

: I've been thinking about this alot. Time for a wiki page to scheme and plot? --Werdz 00:05, 3 Mar 2008 (UTC)

Main Site

: When I helped set it up I just linked to the main site's CSS and now thats gone with the new RB site so now it's broken. --The Dead One 10:30, 25 May 2006 (IST)

:   *All the origional CSS files are still in their origional
    location.* [art_wolf](/user:art_wolf "wikilink")

    :   *Cool. The gif version of the logo was gone though but I
        updated planet to use the png version and now all is good.
        Still, should planet but updated to match the style of the
        new site?* \--[The Dead One](/User:Cammy "wikilink") 10:28,
        1 Jun 2006 (IST)
  • If the browser is resized down, the right panel (and, eventually, the middle) disappear down the page.
  • Add pictures to the "chat", "boards", "putty" buttons at the top. Antialias the text in the buttons, it looks a bit rough.

: Plans are to fully integrate the site with a login - so when loged in it will display emails, how many people in chat, how many new posts to the boards etc.art_wolf

  • Update pubcookie to match look of new website design

: Are you sure? A great many pages will send users to the pubcookie login page, from all sorts of different styles. Is there much point in making the pubcookie page match the style of just one of the sites?

:   *Yes,assuming the long term plan is for all official redbrick
    web services to use pub cookie and to look somewhat similar*
  • Pubcookie enable webmails

: Been investigating this for awhile - problem is that it requires to combining the pubcookie login and webmail logins - pubcookie on its own cannot do this.art_wolf

  • Update webmails look to match look of new website design
  • Add tab icon to squirrelmail

: Where?art_wolf

:   *No favicon.ico is set inside squirrelmail*

: web boards still 'linked' in quick links

  • The main redbrick logo needs to be fixed 3. It doesn't display in versions IE that have PNG problems. ryaner

: Whereabouts is it used? It comes up wrong if you just click on that link in IE6 but the only place that I can see it being used is the wiki... where it looks alright in the same browser.. - werdz

:   *The wiki and any 404/500 pages on the service. Pub cookies uses
    it too I think. Certain versions of IE6 are affected by the png
    problem, certain ones aren\'t so it\'ll display more often than
    not. Still should be fixed.*