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NOTOC Welmar ~


Type: 3COM 3C19504 Internet Server Appliance
OS: OpenBSD 4.3
CPU: Pentium II 500MHz
Storage: Onboard UDMA IDE
Disks: 1 x 40GB (limited to 32Gb)
Drives: None
Network: xl0 3Com 3c905C-TX Fast Etherlink XL
Extras: Powered by Spooge(TM).
The Name: The name Welmar was picked by Dave (doc@rb), Brian (humbug@rb) and Tanya (toaster@rb).
Description -----------

thumb|rightWelmar was graciously loaned to the society by Stephen (stephenc@rb). The MUD server used to run on Enigma but wouldn't work on Prodigy due to endian issues or some such sillyness so it was decided to get a dedicated machine for it that wouldn't be affected by admins constantly shutting down and tearing apart Enigma. Welmar went live 23rd October 2002 and the MUD moved over to it on 29th October 2002 (at 18:39).

After the Great Hack of 2008 DoC went off to get mud running on one of the linux machines.

Welmar was gracefully retired on the 21/11/08, it's last job passed off to sprout. It was purchased from the society by werdz for the princely sum of €10 (I think Stephen had agreed to donate it to the society at that stage), and is currently sitting in his room while he thinks of something to do with all 96 of its megabytes of RAM.


  • Secondary Admin Porn Server