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A list of the original 145 members (from 1996 - posted by Thayl)

drjolt swipe wibble hyper fergus sandman dns dcondell sodonnel elmo adrian marty rob sinead siva howeller stuart viper solo mark thalia stephen mud andy lecter soma enda raz fatwa valen thayl skinse brian usal simian odyssey cfd dco val lestat toaster samurai cammy lure cartral duke podge vball silk stinger yoyo spacedog barkerj lbyrne doozer pablo moki barftud spooky akasha artie ludo nemesis cu comedy charlie stdcu jamie divine mellow tori nitram fifi jfranks rug superted nomic ff formula1 autocrat tom lou garcon jewley sailing dicey arantes secure engsoc xaloc gambit citiabm dangger ptork mel jelly rusty killer shadow d7v clodagh skidcu humbug kod dscally charnel zeus cosmic canoe ci jen mort idaho q rsadleir harmless pint sugarsis gliceas hms syd kjl moz shorin amos vortex tx iain prono beavis phgr peig fai tink fiona husband kurly rare penfold spoonman coyote imogene sis wannabe raven

Only 29 are left now (10 years later: 2005), according to Shadow

drjolt swipe wibble hyper fergus sandman thalia lecter ivor fatwa valen thayl brian usal toaster cammy duke barkerj doozer spooky mellow autocrat citiabm shadow humbug cosmic gliceas peig shimoda

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