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The mysterious jacket of X first appeared to be abandoned in L208. This forlorn piece of clothing was rather shabbily draped over a chair near the door. Key Eyewitnesses have reported that it was indeed Spinal (or X) who was sitting at this computer the evening before it was discovered by the CA population. One upstanding member of the redbrick community, whc, posted about this - asking spinal to collect his jacket because it was lonely. It didn't happen.

Over the following months the jacket became part of the furniture in L208, you could always depend on a friendly glance or a well brewed pot of tea if you had the time and patience to endure the endless drivel which it spouted from it's left sleeve. One day however the jacket upped and left, purportedly to follow up on it's dreams of being famous and meeting lots of big stars.

In the meantime, L125 was opened and a wave of freshers entered CA. One day they were horrified to find X's Tit-Top lying atop a monitor in that same room. This grey piece of minging filth was flung about the place and eventually settled behind a PC in the back row. Once again the dutiful whc posted asking Spinal to collect his clothing, again to no avail. As far as anyone knows the tit top has morphed into a large puddle of goop and likes to infest all the helplessly glued mice in CA.

Recently X's jacket has been spotted at the Redbrick Big Freshers Event 2000, in the Temple Bar Music Centre, but it disappeared soon after. Rumour has it that someone was given evidence in both diary and photographic form to publicise the travels of the jacket to the redbrick community. Watch this spot for more....


I have admitted that the jacket is indeed mine, and the tit-top was left after a night of hot sex in L125 with a yet to be named female redbrick member.

watch this space :)


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