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"There is no argument. We know. We've told you we know. You know we know. We don't care. We've told you we don't care. You know we don't care." Is there any part of that you don't understand?"

- DrJolt, ref. Julie Incident, The

This is the sort of thing admins can say to people. They can also get away with it. For admins are the ultimate power, they have the ability to insert/delete accounts at will. They have excercised this ability.

They have the ability to maim and brutalise poor users who've stepped out of line, as they are the types who eat pint glasses (ref. Wibble), wear sandals in the rain (ref. Grimnar), run down a hill screaming at you with chainmail and a big fuck-off sword (ref. Valen), cause weaker users to run screaming from their terminals with a crushing sarcasm (ref. DrJolt), and *shock* *horror* eat breakfast cereal with orange juice ! ;o* (ref. Cthulhu).

"My God!", you cry. Who gave these mad, mad loonies this power then? Well, you did, or rather, if you're a fresher, last year's membership did :) So next time you think about messing about. Erm, think again. It's not so much physical these days, as most of the admins these days are allergic to moving, but don't bet on not feeling that tap on your shoulder, and the sickening beep of your connection dropping :)


Origionally from the Encyclopedia