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NOTOC Asplodey ~


Type: Bluesocket Wireless Thing
OS: BSD Mostly
CPU: Pentium 4
RAM: 500mb
Storage: 20Gb IDE
Network: 3x Intel Gigabit Ethernet ports
PSU: Ill tempered and smokey
Extras: Crypto Card
The Name: Is very fitting. See description
Description -----------

thumb|rightThe donation of Aspoldey was secured through phaxx in 2006, and it arrived sometime after this. The first time it was plugged in the psu exploded. For sometime it sat in the room waiting for someone to attempt to fix it. Early in 2008 receive found and purchased a shuttle power supply that could be made to fit the odd case design.

After the PSU arrived werdz took the machine home to fit the new PSU and "make it fit". Before he completed this work the Great Hack of 2008 occured and it was pretty much forgotten about for a while. Around August receive picked up the machine and completed the work on it.

However, it became obvious that the thing was pretty damn un-reliable, possibly due to it's earlier explosion. It had a tendancy to randomly reboot, not turn on & burned out at least one hard drive. About the same time sprout arrived it was decided to get rid of asplodey.