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Date(s) Cause Extent

June 2013 (From May) - present Update to 13.04, Fixing local root exploit. Pygmalion online but not processing logins. May 2013 18th - (into June) Update to 13.04, Fixing local root exploit. Pygmalion September 2011 29th Power surges throughout DCU. All servers (?) August 2011 21st Reboot due to unknown cause. Azazel June 2011 4th-7th Air-conditioning malfunction. Everything apart from Azazel and Deathray. April 2011 21st-23rd DCU Maintenance Network-wide 5th Kernel Updates Ubuntu 10.04 machines March 2011 4th Kernel Updates Unknown 1st Kernel Updates deathray, carbon, daniel, azazel January 2011 13th "Necessary updates to C libraries" Unknown November 2010 11th-14th Hub Power Upgrade Network-wide 30th October-3rd November Hub Power Testing Network-wide October 2010 30th October-3rd November Hub Power Testing Network-wide 4th Air-Conditioning Failure data, daniel, carbon August 2010 12th-26th Messy Downtime Network-wide February 2010 5th User File Move To Faster Storage Network-wide December 2009 7th Kernel Upgrades "IRC and other services" November 2009 22nd-23rd Failure to restart after ISS downtime Network-wide October 2009 23rd Kernel Upgrades Network-wide 1st Switch Upgrades Network-wide September 2009 26th-27th DCU Bandwidth Upgrades Network-wide 19th Moving Services from carbon to morpheus carbon and morpheus August 2009 14th Kernel Vulnerabilities Network-wide July 2009 30th Kernel Upgrades Network-wide 18th Power Cut Network-wide April 2009 16th Kernel Upgrades Network-wide 10th Transformer Maintenance Network-wide March 2009 23rd Upgrade to Redbrick-CSD Fiber Link Network-wide 17th Moving Services to morpheus IRC server and morpheus