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On Saturday the 26th of March 2011 Redbrick members were graced with the presense of "Man With Chops" whilst on a social outing in Cork City. As you can imagine, "Man With Chops" was a professional harper from Ontario, Canada that wore fishing pants and had incredible facial hair. Understandably, when he was seen from across the room in Sheilas Hostel it was love at first sight. Redbrick invited "Man With Chops" to the Franciscan Well brew pub for Pale Ale and Weisse Biers. Much banter was had and stories of his epic travels kept Redbick enthralled.

On the way home from the Franciscan Well some roudy local ne'er-do-well's insisted on engaging in fisty cuffs with "Man With Chops". Thankfully, "Man With Chops" declined the kind offer and we continued our journey homeward bound. (He totally could have kicked their asses though)

No picture was ever taken of "Man With Chops" but an artists rendering is said to be in the works.

Man with chops in his native habitat. (Picture courtesy of internet)