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This is Redbrick wishlist of projects that could do with coding.

Replacement for hey

  • Er, without some kind of requirements, it's hard to understand why this is needed? What are you thinking of here? -- Pooka
  • How about "Addition" to hey, or an alternative framework to allow heys to be sent to different places (web, MSN/AIM window) -- Kpodesta
  • Maybe build it on top of jabber then we could hey people on other servers/networks (including google talk etc ) -- kyper
  • It'd be nice if you could hey people logged onto the jabber server, and they could message you back, whatever about integrating it with other netoworks


Web boards

  • Currently under development by art_wolf (PHP), link (perl) and Shimoda (Java). -- JohnDoyle - 20 Jul 2005
  • threading
  • ability to view only unread posts in group
  • ability to view all posts in group
  • two way sync of read posts (post read on web marked as read in slrn,posts read in slrn marked read on web)
  • displays only groups you are subscribed to in slrn
  • basic rot13 support
  • article posting
  • article canceling
  • newsgroup search (support lucene syntax)

Useful features implemented upon request to link

Simple interface to Redbrick

  • For instance Flin/Flash or a seperate app, in java or c++. Shimoda suggested an app and have tabs to chat, the boards, heys etc. -- JohnDoyle - 20 Jul 2005
  • If there's going to be a seperate app it should not be in favour of flin/flash but a seperate interface, again. I think a full web solution would cover a GUI but if people are interested in a seperate GUI then fire ahead with it. More options == better in the end of the day. -- Halenger
  • A java interface would be nice, perhaps a java program, tabbed, that opens 4 connections; slrn, irssi, and 2 terminals, one for heys, one 'standard' rb commands. Is there a wrapper for putty's SSH library? -igy