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NOTOC Telstar ~


Type: Compaq PC
OS: Debian Linux 3.0
CPU: Pentium II 300MHz
Storage: Onboard UDMA IDE
Onboard Adaptec aic7860
Disks: 4.2GB COMPAQPC WDE4360 SCSI2 disk
Drives: Internal 32x AOPEN CD-RW
Internal 24x Compaq CDROM
Network: eth0 3Com 3C590
Compaq Computer Corporation Integrated Netelligent \[currently unused\]
Extras: Matrox MGA 2164W \[Millennium II\] AGP
The Name: The name Telstar was picked by Colm (colmmacc@rb).This machine was formerly known as Burner:Burner: n. That part of a lamp or gas-light from which the flame issues.The name Burner was picked by Sarv (macbain@rb). It was chosen as it was the most obvious name for it, really :o)
Description -----------

Burner was donated by Symantec to the society in XXX 2001. It was designed purely as a machine to burn CDs for members of RedBrick. Originally, it was kept in the Clubs & Socs area. Members could login remotely (it ran Debian Linux at the time) and leave the machine to download files (e.g. ISOs) to be burnt later on. At some stage, it had to be moved as the space was needed for other computers, so Barry (bubble@rb) offered to look after the the machine in his res. Barry burned CD's on request for members during this period (it was also re-installed with Win2K). After leaving res, the machine stayed underneath Sheila's desk (sheila@rb) in the Invent centre until November 2002 when it was moved back to the clubs & socs area, where it was re-installed and renamed by Colm (colmmacc@rb) and Colin (grimnar@rb).


  • Planned: IPv6 gateway
  • Planned: Remote console for prodigy
  • Burn CDs