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A thread, usually posted on the newsgroups, by three people, each following up to each other in very quick succession. The thread consists of threee parts. Each part is posted by a person, and it loops around infinitely. Or atleast until the participants are threatened with disuserment, and physical violence.

The three parts of the thread are :

* "Isn't that one of those recursive jokes?"
* "To Understand Recursion you must first understand recursion"
* "Of course, that's not really recursion."

The recursive thread first appeared on the boards in 1998, and has reared its ugly head every so often since then. People often post "Isn't that one of those recursive jokes?" on the boards, simply to start one, which rarely works. The true recursive thread is as mysterious as the programming method that lends it its name.

See also: Recursion.


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