we screw up sometimes but they're usually fun stories
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  1. .PHONY: build clean deploy update-theme
  2. clean:
  3. rm -rf public resources
  4. build:
  5. hugo
  6. deploy: clean build
  7. # This Should be run from a server on redbrick
  8. chmod 755 public/* public/**/* public/**/**/*
  9. chmod 644 public/*.{css,xml,ico,js,json,html,webp} public/**/*.{css,xml,ico,js,json,html,webp} public/**/**/*.{css,xml,ico,js,json,html,webp}
  10. rsync -avh public/* /webtree/vhosts/blog.redbrick.dcu.ie
  11. update-theme:
  12. git submodule foreach git pull