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  Cian Butler 5a4ff8d355 Update 'README.md' 1 year ago
  Cian Butler 9e93977226
Add license 1 year ago
  m1cr0man 0008aae794 Merge branch 'error-pages' of m1cr0man/nix-configs-rb into master 1 year ago
  Cian Butler 3baf9fdc64 trailing / are important and quote everything 1 year ago
  Cian Butler d0100ab2d5 fix building error page 1 year ago
  Cian Butler d9a4ea408a
fix redirect of ~ 1 year ago
  Cian Butler db5146974c
fix vhostRedirect 1 year ago
  Cian Butler fb2d125764
add error pages content 1 year ago
  m1cr0man df34b54506 Fix syntax errors 1 year ago
  Cian Butler bb9be93d79
add httpd error pages 1 year ago
  m1cr0man a585edbcad correct permissions on error Documents 1 year ago
  m1cr0man 62f2a498e5 ensure all routes go to react router for defult vhost 1 year ago
  m1cr0man 66343068f2 Fix name of webtree var 1 year ago
  m1cr0man fd86c8a07a Merge branch 'httpd/error-page' of m1cr0man/nix-configs-rb into master 1 year ago
  Cian Butler 7666a7162c
add default error handling pages 1 year ago
  m1cr0man 3d47327ce5 Add some redirects to handle old wiki links 1 year ago
  m1cr0man e4c56e94cb Fix rainloop 1 year ago
  m1cr0man d21edd55d4 Configure cmtwiki to require login, add rewrite rules 1 year ago
  m1cr0man 3067154632 Change TLD to redbrick.dcu.ie 1 year ago
  m1cr0man 4aea61d34d Remove some broken vhost domains 1 year ago
  m1cr0man ad0d6b739c Generate + assign certs to all vhosts 1 year ago
  m1cr0man a6c59ec2fa Remove some www serverAliases 1 year ago
  m1cr0man e6dcdb8293 Enable acme production mode 1 year ago
  m1cr0man 0fb5ecd67d Fix gitea startup 1 year ago
  m1cr0man 377e4be2ac Update rbacme definition 1 year ago
  m1cr0man b907707365 Use non-deprecated LE development config 1 year ago
  m1cr0man d177553f5b Remove gitea creds from repo 2 years ago
  m1cr0man c078955b0b Configure hardcase as web server 1 year ago
  m1cr0man 0a98db9295 Fix webmail vhost typo 1 year ago
  m1cr0man c1e2d5c2e4 Merge branch 'vhosts' 1 year ago
  Cian Butler 7b019827a9
add http redirect for anyterm and ajaxterm 1 year ago
  Cian Butler 9b1451d65c
add webmail vhost 1 year ago
  m1cr0man b51e8445dc Fix mediawiki extraConfig 1 year ago
  m1cr0man 5210d9fc7f Fix tld vhost config 1 year ago
  m1cr0man 4df8260da3 Fix vhost errors, add genusersnix.sh 1 year ago
  Cian Butler 42013b09dc
add user and gtoups to all vhosts 1 year ago
  m1cr0man 70f62579bf Rename sharedfpm pool to wwwrun 1 year ago
  m1cr0man 2fa29efc05 Update structure of mediawiki vhost call 1 year ago
  m1cr0man dc754d6051 Merge vhost and vhostUser 1 year ago
  m1cr0man 5418c13a8a Manage Mediawiki through Nix 1 year ago
  m1cr0man e1a4f29ad0 Add redirect rules for react site 1 year ago
  m1cr0man 8adfb26405 Add thelounge config 1 year ago
  m1cr0man 729f39b6d5 Add cmtwiki php config 1 year ago
  m1cr0man 9e931be93a Second time's a charm on butlerxvm 1 year ago
  m1cr0man ca8faa9077 Add butlerxvm config 1 year ago
  m1cr0man e87f8f61fd Merge branch 'ssh/butlerx' of butlerx/nix-configs-rb into master 1 year ago
  Cian Butler 20934f4431
add butlerx ssh key 1 year ago
  m1cr0man 79c1b88117 Add php ini and get wiki php working 1 year ago
  m1cr0man 69141490cb Tweak nscd 1 year ago
  m1cr0man 03b971eee3 Add more vhosts setup and try get wiki php working 1 year ago