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  theycallmemac 7fd38a06fa added info on scripts folder 3 years ago
  theycallmemac db8cdf144c formatted to conform with pep8 - closes #13 3 years ago
  theycallmemac 709914d105 added new test - closes #1 3 years ago
  theycallmemac 68abd88c9e added new test 3 years ago
  theycallmemac 3fb3d59b6b added info on travis builds 3 years ago
  theycallmemac 8cea25aac9 booking option added - closes #3 3 years ago
  theycallmemac 6ed1f5928b updated CHANGELOG.md 4 years ago
  theycallmemac c5b84770bf updated CHANGELOG.md 4 years ago
  theycallmemac 2d96ed4f3b small patch to close #8 4 years ago
  theycallmemac 7a15fa3f8b now at v0.4.1. Fixed #7 4 years ago
  theycallmemac 0623051172 now at v0.4.0, fixed #4 4 years ago
  theycallmemac 2a4ace615c updated 14-12-2017 entry 4 years ago
  theycallmemac cb64de199b now at v0.3.0 - added new lookup feature. 4 years ago
  theycallmemac 11b4fbf4a3 fixed list index error, tests added 4 years ago
  theycallmemac c7ad6bb68b changes made. now at v0.2.0 4 years ago
  theycallmemac 751e5f9aea changed license info 4 years ago
  theycallmemac 1c9552beac updated changelog for current commit information 4 years ago
  theycallmemac 7578eea2a6 updated CHANGELOG.md 4 years ago
  theycallmemac 6708e8a1c1 created CHANGELOG.md 4 years ago