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  James McDermott 190bb5792a add business and health science buildings 2 years ago
  theycallmemac 18d82f62b3 supressing insecure request errors due to skipping ssl verification 3 years ago
  theycallmemac f5bf98348a fixed #25 - avoiding DCU's broken ssl certs 3 years ago
  theycallmemac 384384954a conformed to pep8 style guide 3 years ago
  theycallmemac 6bb879bb80 fixes #22 once and for all (hopefully) 3 years ago
  theycallmemac 4db0593b39 made fixes to several issues 3 years ago
  theycallmemac 6c0316e119 changed imports 3 years ago
  theycallmemac 591dc74899 changed imports 3 years ago
  theycallmemac 9f940ce01e removed duplications 3 years ago
  theycallmemac b6c921f358 updated version information 3 years ago
  theycallmemac 313844c09b switched to oop approach 3 years ago