A mirror of dcurooms found at https://github.com/theycallmemac/dcurooms
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entry: 10-12-2017 contributor: theycallmemac

  • README.md

    • created a README markdown file in the intial commit.
    • made some further ammendments to this.

    • added GNU General Public License v3.0 to the repo
  • book_lab.py, book_room.py, check_availability.py, booking.sh

    • uploaded previously existing files to new repo.
  • free_now.py, booking.sh

    • created free_now.py and added support for this in the shell script.

    • created a markdown file to document the changes to the code.

entry: 11-12-2017 contributor: theycallmemac

  • README.md

    • changed to include information on setup and how to run the script.
  • setup.py

    • added to install dcurooms script with it’s dependencies.
    • changed license info in the script
  • scripts/dcurooms

    • dcurooms script added with the previous ‘free_now.py’ capabilities.
  • book_lab.py, book_room.py, check_availability.py, booking.sh, free_now.py, booking.sh

    • removed with a view to add their functionaltiies to dcurooms script.

entry: 13-12-2017 contributor: theycallmemac

  • scripts/dcurooms

    • now at v0.2.0 follwoing a number of minor changes.
    • changed the “-f”/"--free” option to “-n”/"--now”. This is the purposes of clarity in the command name.
    • script now supports a “-f” or “--free” option which specificially displays rooms that are free as opposed to just the status of all rooms. This option checks the info returned from “-n”/"--now”.
    • changed license info which was incorrect.
    • rewrote the get_current_time function to calculate the current week as opposed to it being hardcoded into the program.
  • README.md

    • added to long command information
    • gave usage example to check for free rooms rather than all rooms

entry: 14-12-2017 contributor: theycallmemac

  • .gitignore

    • created to ignore .pyc and .txt files
    • also ignores egg-info aswell as build and dist directories
  • scripts/dcurooms

    • created, just import dcurooms.py script
  • scripts/dcurooms.py

    • now at v0.2.1 follwoing a number of fixes changes.
    • import specific tools rather than entire libraries.
    • functions return information ready for concatenation.
    • fixed error for wen the hour returned from get_current_time was greater or equal to 23.
  • __init__.py

    • added one in each directory for the unittests
    • helps navigate around the project
  • tests/test_free_now.py

    • created unittest to check the return values of dcurooms
    • tests for exit code
    • tests if output is empty (indicating free) or a hardcoded string.