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  sentriz d9df7d807a
vst: sandbox wine and update docs 1 month ago
  sentriz 828688d4b8
meta: smooth out bootstrap 1 month ago
  sentriz 5fd9256eba
docs: add bluetooth to audio.md 2 months ago
  sentriz 0f1b36cf0d
docs: enable iwd service 2 months ago
  sentriz c0803b4984
docs: update emojis 2 months ago
  sentriz 07605f1806
docs: add wip server libvirt setup 3 months ago
  sentriz 2919fcb4e5
docs: daw: run winetricks corefonts 3 months ago
  sentriz 5546cca96b
docs: update daw for realtime-privileges 4 months ago
  sentriz ab8bf377a2
docs: add daw 4 months ago
  sentriz 11840cbf3b
docs: be explicit about wire interfaces 6 months ago
  sentriz fcfd592344
meta: move networkmanager -> networkd 6 months ago
  sentriz edeec6fd2c
meta: move termite -> foot 7 months ago
  sentriz 5d85191de7
docs: audio: remove pipewire full bluez5 9 months ago
  sentriz bbedea5be5
meta: redir spacing 9 months ago
  sentriz 42f34c38e9
docs: add screensharing 9 months ago
  sentriz e0c1bb4451
docs: issue: bump thinkpad to x270 9 months ago
  sentriz 91850703ed
docs: add note about accidental pulse 9 months ago
  sentriz 718e67088a
docs: add networkmanager wlan switcher 9 months ago
  sentriz f7cac31d89
meta: move pipewire-common -> pipewire-full 9 months ago
  sentriz b0ca98b426
meta: move from pipewire hsphfpd to native bluez backend 10 months ago
  sentriz efc509a0e7
docs: update pipewire packages 10 months ago
  sentriz 9e550b13f3
meta: use pipewire-common-pulse instead of pulseaudio 10 months ago
  sentriz 7379f62aed
docs: fix audio bluetooth systemd 1 year ago
  sentriz 7c9c3ef96b
docs: server: update email packages comments 1 year ago
  sentriz ba019a1e94
docs: server: add smartd 1 year ago
  sentriz b3b1a25831
docs: server: add apt-file hint 1 year ago
  sentriz c10aafe87b
docs: desktop: remove broken reference 1 year ago
  sentriz 5750f8a5d8
meta: move to vlevit/notify-send.sh 1 year ago
  sentriz 9763def115
meta: use kebab case for custom scripts 1 year ago
  sentriz 496f674249
docs: update gpg with new dotfile layout 1 year ago
  sentriz ee4e97c737
docs: server: add email 1 year ago
  sentriz d81790ccec
docs: server: delete wg 1 year ago
  sentriz 0884a6c2ad
meta: add server configs 1 year ago
  sentriz 9744777198
meta: rename public prefix to conf 1 year ago